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Nokia C32 Motherboard 128GB


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Nokia C32 Motherboard 128GB Price in Kenya

Nokia C32 Motherboard 128GB Price in Kenya is Ksh 5,999 at SmartTech Phones Kenya. The Nokia smartphone motherboards in Kenya. Order now for your smartphone motherboard.


Features and Specifications

What is a Motherboard?

The motherboard, often referring to as the phone’s brain, is the central circuit board that connects all vital components. It acts as the communication hub, facilitating data exchange between the processor, memory, storage, display, and other functionalities.

Why Replace the Motherboard?

Several factors might necessitate a Nokia C32 motherboard replacement:

Liquid Damage: Water exposure can cause corrosion and short circuits on the motherboard, rendering the phone inoperable.

Physical Damage: Dropping or severe impact can damage delicate components soldered onto the motherboard.

Software Issues: In rare cases, persistent software problems that resist troubleshooting might require a motherboard swap.

Non-Functional Components: If integrated components like the display driver or power management unit fail, replacing the entire motherboard might be more efficient than individual component repair.

Identifying a 128GB Motherboard

Unfortunately, there’s no readily identifiable physical marker to differentiate the 128GB motherboard from other storage variants. However, experienced repair technicians can often verify the storage capacity by:

Checking the phone’s original specifications: If the phone was advertised with 128GB storage, the motherboard would inherently possess that capacity.

Consulting repair manuals or online resources: Specific models might have identifying markings on the motherboard itself, but consulting technical resources can provide better validation.

Components on a Nokia C32 Motherboard (128GB)

While official schematics remain unavailable, common practices in budget smartphone design suggest the 128GB motherboard likely houses the following components:

  • Processor: A Unisoc processor is a common choice for budget phones, with the specific model determining core count, clock speed, and overall performance.
  • Memory (RAM): The amount of RAM can vary depending on the phone model, but budget options typically range from 2GB to 4GB.
  • Storage (eMMC): The 128GB storage capacity indicates the presence of eMMC flash memory, offering a balance of affordability and decent read/write speeds for user data.
  • Display Driver IC: This chip translates data from the processor into visuals displayed on the screen. The specific IC depends on the display technology (LCD or OLED) and resolution.
  • Image Signal Processor (ISP): Dedicating to camera functions, the ISP processes raw sensor data into clear images.
  • Power Management Unit (PMU): This component efficiently distributes power from the battery to various parts, ensuring optimal performance and extended battery life.
  • Connectivity Modules: The motherboard likely integrates modules for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular connectivity, and GPS.

Replacing the Motherboard

Replacing the motherboard is a delicate procedure best left to experienced repair professionals. Here’s a general overview of the process:

  1. Disassembly: The phone needs to be meticulously disassembled, removing the back cover, display, battery, and other components to access the motherboard.
  2. Desoldering and Removal: The old motherboard is carefully desoldered, removing it from the phone’s chassis.
  3. Cleaning and Preparation: The phone’s chassis might require cleaning to remove any residual debris before installing the new motherboard.
  4. Soldering and Reassembly: The new motherboard is soldering onto the chassis, followed by meticulous reassembly of all phone components.
  5. Testing and Verification: After reassembly, the phone undergoes thorough testing to ensure all functions operate correctly.

Important Considerations


Ensure the replacement motherboard is specifically designing for the Nokia C32 model. Using an incompatible motherboard can result in malfunctioning or permanent damage to the phone.


Procure the motherboard from reputable suppliers known for providing high-quality replacement parts.

Technical Expertise

Motherboard replacement requires advancing soldering skills and a deep understanding of smartphone electronics. Attempting this repair without proper training can lead to further damage.

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